About Us

Z-Bolt® Military Pride Lasers are an exclusive, custom product - designed and manufactured to combine the functionality of our premium green lasers with Command & Unit insignia to celebrate military service.

PointersFreedom is not free. The Z-Bolt® family, friends, and associates deeply appreciate the selfless dedication of our US Armed Forces. We celebrate the values of Duty, Honor, Courage, and Faithfulness that are personified by our Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines.

Z-Bolt®, a Beam of Light Technologies, Inc. corporate brand, manufactures and sells low cost green laser systems AND designs custom tactical mounts for the US Military; Federal Law Enforcement,: State and Municipal Police Departments; and Allied Militaries worldwide. Also Briefing Pointers and Wireless Presenters for the Military, Academia, Federal and State Governments.

Z-Bolt® Combat Green Lasers were first deployed at the outset of Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003). Development efforts since have centered on the often weekly battlefield reports and recommendations from forward deployed units in Iraq and Afghanistan. Z-Bolt® has continued to modify, improve, design and manufacture a reliable low cost product which has saved lives. The non-lethal psychological deterrent value of the BTMK Green Laser System is proven and field recognized as an extremely effective and low cost solution for MP Patrols, EOD, Convoy Protection, Target Designation and EOF (Escalation of Force); and to focus, coordinate and maneuver Soldiers and Marines operating in urban environments.

The Z-Bolt® BTMK Systems incorporate core, affordable, consumer off the shelf technology. Z-Bolt® marries custom built mounting solutions to produce a low cost, best in industry package AND price for a superior Basis of Issue. The BTMK Systems are Made in the USA.

Z-Bolt® has delivered over a quarter million combat and briefing lasers in the last eight years. We have developed business processes to streamline operations, facilitating low margin products and providing low total package price for our customers worldwide.

Z-Bolt® Combat BTMK Green Laser Systems and Military Pride Lasers are reliable, dependable, functional & field tested. We value direct contact and correspondence with management. Call us to discuss your requirements, customizations, and/or special needs.

Beam of Light Technologies, Inc is located in the Portland area suburb of Happy Valley, Oregon. Manufacturing and final laser system assembly in Tualatin, Oregon.