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Z-Bolt® commends the martial virtues of duty, honor, loyalty & sacrifice and appreciates the great battle histories & proud traditions evidenced in the display of Unit insignias by our US Service Personnel - enlisted, reserve & retired. The 101st Airborne "Screaming Eagles" and 1st Infantry Division "The Big Red One" - the 3rd Marine Division "Fighting Third" - the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) "Big Stick" - the 4th Fighter Wing "Fourth but First" - the 75th Ranger Regiment "Rangers Lead the Way". DOD, FORSCOM & TRADOC - CENTCOM & SOCOM. Our US Armed Forces are Second to None! Contact Z-Bolt® today and imprint your unit mark on our US Service Branch specific Military Pride Green Lasers. For Army, Corps, Division, Brigade, Ship, Fleet, Fighter & Bomber Wings, Component Commands, Mlitary Academies, DOD - Service Branch Departments & Offices.

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Custom order 10 or more Military Pride Laser Pointers - we can personalize and engrave individual names and ranks; decorate with unit shoulder sleeve patches, insignias, seals, beret flashes, etc. Customization options include Service Specific laser tubes & carry cases - imprinted clips, personalized names & high resolution unit insignia - exclusively assembled & manufactured by Z-Bolt®. Our Class IIIa Green Laser Pointers are FDA Certified eye safe & equipped with proprietary Z-Bolt® "Double Tap" switch technology.

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Engraved Military Pride Lasers

Engrave your Customized Green Laser Pointers...
  • A Thoughtful Gift to Honor Service
  • To Celebrate Achievement
  • To Commemorate Promotions
  • To Recognize Retirement
  • To Commemorate Graduation

The engraved & personalized Military Pride Laser is a thoughtful, special gift for your Soldier, Airman, Sailor, or Marine; to your retired Sergeant Major Uncle; to a Son or Daughter of a veteran or deployed loved one. The MBP-5 is a versatile, functional tool that will be cherished always!